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A Summary on Product Photography Lighting

Product photography lighting can be a tricky subject to master because of how complex it can become. There are various attachments ranging from speedlites to soft boxes, and in between natural light also plays a role. While this may seem overwhelming, when venturing into the world of product photography lighting, the guide below will hopefully illuminate the subject better. Let’s discuss the main components of product photography lighting.

Reflectors and Diffusers

A reflector is a round shaped reflective surface that bounces light onto the product, much like a diffuser it can create softer lighting effects on products. They can be gold, silver or black – each with their own lighting effect produced. As for a diffuser, it is simply put a translucent piece of fabric that a photographer can use to diffuse light and make it softer.

Product PhotographyProduct Photography

Light Box

For photographers who are shooting a multitude of products, such catalogue content, a light box is the way to go. It is exactly what the name says – a box with three white walls and one open side. This allows the photographer to keep a constant lighting situation while quickly moving products in and out of shot. These boxes can be lit from above, below and the front, depending on the needs of the shoot.

Product PhotographyProduct Photography

Three Point Lighting

Three point lighting is a technique used by photographers to illuminate a subject. It consists of three lights known as the key light, the backlight and the fill light. These three lights are placed at various angles to light up the product from almost every angle. For example, the fill light will ensure that there are no shadows on the product, whereas the backlight helps the product stand out from the background. Lastly and most importantly, the key light illuminates the product itself. Through clever lighting, configurations using these three lights on stands, photographers can create amazing depth of field and seamless lighting.

Product PhotographyProduct Photography

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