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We are passionate about photography. To us it is more than simply getting the shot and sending an invoice, it is about creating a compelling visual product that perfectly combines our talents with the vision of our clients. We make a memory physical. We want to share just a few favourite images for 2019 and our rates.



We enjoy corporate photography which stretches across a wide variety of categories like year-end events, corporate headshots and landscape photography for projects. For this photo, we would like to feature an image for a corporate shoot we did for a client on a business trip to Kathu Solar Park. The image here showcases the mirrors used to capture solar energy, and we feel it conveys the scale of the projects while also highlighting the futuristic feel of a solar energy plant. Our client was exceptionally happy with the results and featured the images on their website with an article about the plant.

MK Photography

MK Photography



We also offer photography services for private events, where we remain respectful of the atmosphere of the gathering. Our photographers gather a variety of not only posed images, but also candid photos. Our featured image here for 2019 is for a small wedding for a lovely couple and their children that we shot in Blouberg. The client wanted something less posed and more simple for their wedding to match the informal tone of the wedding, and they were very happy with final product.

MK Photography

MK Photography


Drone Photography.

MK Photography

This photo was taken for a mining project near Lanseria, and the client wanted us to showcase their new equipment through action shots. Though we took many pictures, including some amazing photos of the machine in action from the ground, we feel that using drones ultimately captured the scale of the machinery best. Drone photography conveys a sense of scale that conventional photography cannot match, and provides a unique perspective that can be quite eye-catching. The client was incredibly happy with the final product, and we can’t wait to see our work featured in their publications soon.


Studio: Headshots and Products

We have a passion for studio photography, as this is where creativity takes the front seat. Instead of being bound to a time schedule, we are able to play around and truly create something that showcases the product or person. The studio allows us to use a variety of backdrops and we can even arrange a custom backdrop order for a project. For our chosen image, we want to showcase how simplicity can make an image pop. This shoot was for an e-commerce project and showcased a set of books that mostly black with a slight pops of colour. We choose to use to contrast to our advantage and the result is a remarkably striking image that we are very proud of.

MK Photography

MK Photography



Food, food, glorious food! We adore doing food photography and do our best to capture not only the food but the philosophy of the chef or restaurant in the shot. For our featured image, we chose this shoot we did for Society, a craft beer house. A recent update to their menu required new food images, and the client really wanted the atmosphere of their establishment to shine through the photos. They were very happy with the final product and we are proud to say that we will be working with them again in the future.

MK Photography



  • Event Photographer: R450 per hour
  • Studio Photography: R1200 per hour
  • Drone Photography: R550 per hour
  • Wedding Packages: Starting from R9500

Ex vat and travel.

Remember, we also offer videography from R550 per hour.


More examples on: http://www.mk-photography.co.za/imageportfolio_mkphotography.html

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Please note that the above price structures are subject to change and become outdated as time passes from the time of its publication. Please feel free to explore our website for updates or contact us for assistance.

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