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Curated Bliss: Why Private Function Photography Matters

Some events are too special to forget such as weddings, birthdays and baby showers. These are moments that you’d rather be part of, than remember through the screen of your camera phone. That’s why private function photography is the way to go with events like these. Live in the moment, and let a professional capture you and your loved ones having the best times, creating fond memories to look back on.

Our private event photography starts from R450 per hour ex VAT, and we can also offer videography services at R550 per hour ex VAT.

Instagram vs Reality

These days, camera phones do have impressive quality, and Instagram has taken the filter game to a new level. Most people have beautifully curated timelines populated with flawless selfies and dramatic sunsets, and some have even made a career out of their online presence. Some incredible photographers even showcase their best photos online and have amassed a great following for their art.

However, without the magic of a filter and 1000 bad photos to find just the right photo, Instagram does not reflect reality. One beautifully curated photo cannot possible encapsulate an entire event, and private function photographers like us are skilled at looking for the perfect moment to snap. Whether that’s a smile at someone special, a look of surprise on a groom’s face, or a funny incident, our photographers are quick to snap and aren’t looking for their best angle.

How we work.

Of course, a photographer can only capture what is given to them, so in order to make sure we get the best photos of your private event, let’s look at a few tips:

  • Make sure you have adequate lighting set up around the venue. For example, using depth of field a photographer can blur out background lighting to generate a bokeh effect
  • Create a photo backdrop at your event, such as a flower wall or prop station and ask your photographer to take photos there in addition to the event
  • Ask your guests to be mindful of the photographer and to be aware that they may be taking their photo at any moment
  • Ask any guests that are sensitive to light to inform to the photographer so that they don’t use a flash around them

Our job is to make sure you remember those special moments you are part of at your event. Once our photographers are set up, just relax and enjoy, and let us capture the day. We absolutely love the work we do and will make you look good!

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