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Is Drone Photography really that good?

Wesley Murray interviewed on the subject.

Every new innovation helps deliver better and more dynamic images.

Is this true?

When the DSLR first launched, digital photography changed the game, and now the buzz phrase is Drone Photography.

Before you rush out and buy a drone hoping to capture awe-inspiring aerial shots, keep in mind that you need more than professional equipment, and an understanding of the laws for drones is really important and something our company understands.

The legalities.

You cannot trade as a drone photographer if you don’t have a commercial licence, and to obtain a licence is a lengthy and expensive process, costing up to R30 000. Even once you have a licence, you do not get unrestricted access to the skies and there are rules that all drone pilots photographers must abide by in order to operate legally, for example:

  • Always be sure that your intended venue is not a “no-fly zone” under South African law. These can include police stations, prisons, power plants and government buildings
  • Stay 50m away from people and buildings, unless you are permitted to be there. For example an aerial shot of a house needs permission from the owner.
  • Commercial drone pilots must always be insured for third party liability.

Our drone photography service starts from R1 500 per hour ex VAT and includes all equipment and the services of a licensed and skilled drone pilot.

A new type of photographer. An entirely different eye is needed to frame a good drone shot, as these new perspectives often defy the traditional rules of photography and composition. This is why having an expert at the helm is so essential. Images can be handed over on the day if no editing is required; however with editing clients can expect a turn-around time of 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the volume of images. In order for us to provide the best product, we need a clear take-off and landing area with no obstacles, as well as written permission from the venue that the air space we intend to enter is theirs, as well an advisory on height restrictions.

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