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Some Great Product Photography Ideas

When it comes to product photography, sometimes a crisp image on a white background is exactly what the client or campaign is looking for. However, sometimes a product demands a different treatment. In order to stand out, sometimes it is important for product photography to step out of the light box. Below are some great product photography ideas that will render a unique result.

1. Backgrounds change everything

Although a white background offers much in the way of editing, as it is literally a blank canvas that makes cutting out an image incredibly easy, sometimes changing up the background of an image can take product photography to new heights. Consider a black marbled backdrop for technology, or the extreme juxtaposition between a rocky backdrop and a luxury item like a bag or cashmere sweater. Backgrounds are a quick and easy way to change an image in a second, and the best part, is that it can be done with a few sheets of contact paper. You don’t need to create a bed of gravel to photograph one as a backdrop, simply keep an assortment of printed backgrounds at the ready – from colours to textures and variants in between. Note how the sleek design of the lenses below is accentuated perfectly by the slightly out of focus grain of the wood.

Product Photography

2. Play with reflections

Reflections are a very clever way to create something that is visually appealing while creating depth in an image. A simple way to do this to shoot the product on a highly reflective surface such a glass table, or mirror, while being careful to avoid unwanted reflections of the equipment or even the photographer. Another way is to use shallow pans of water to create a wonderfully diffused reflection, that can even be manipulated using the movement of the water. The possibilities are endless. Consider the image of this smart watch below and how the reflection enhances the futuristic appeal of the device.

Product Photography

3. Perspective is everything

Not all product photography requires a straightforward head-on photo of the product. Sometimes a new angle may make the product seem more interesting or bring out aspects of it that could have been missed using a traditional setting. Try shooting from above, like a flatlay or even from different angles to create movement in the image. The sunglasses below were shot from a slightly elevated angle and as the image portrays much more detail than an eye-level shot would have.

Product Photography

4. Get up close and personal

Sometimes it is not the entire product that needs to be showcased, but rather a particular aspect of it such as tyres on a car, or buttons on a device. This is where understanding macro photography comes in very handy. Using a very shallow depth of field and a macro lens, product photographers can illuminate one aspect of a product while leaving the rest to fade into the background. Consider the image of the watch below and how the product photographer used this technique to showcase the sleek housing of the watch rather than the design of the watch face or straps.

Product Photography

To conclude, product photography is not as straightforward as it may appear. It takes a creative spark to know just how to capture the ideal photo of a product, and hopefully, this has sparked some ideas in you.

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