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The Basics of Product Photography

A great product photo can take an advertising campaign from average to great, and having sharp images on display in a store or billboard, or even a catalogue or website, helps to attract interest in a product. In order to take fantastic product photos, it is important to not only have a creative spark but to also understand the basics of product photography.

1. Equipment

Always use a tripod when shooting products. The goal is the get a crisp, high-quality image with minimal noise or blur, and the best way to do so is with a decent DSLR camera and a tripod. We will discuss lighting below, but when it comes to equipment always have a light box or light tent on hand. These pieces are essential basics for product photography.

2. Background

Keep the background white where possible. Although playing with different backgrounds can deliver stunning images – a white backdrop makes it incredibly easy to cut out images and frame them to your liking when editing. It is also easier to adjust lighting with a white backdrop, and all products (provided they aren’t white, in which case, go with black) stand out against it.

3. Lighting

As mentioned, having good lighting is essential to basic product photography. In some cases, natural light works best and give products a diffused glow. But without the sun, understanding how to set up studio lighting is essential. For beginners, try a basic light box or light tent set up as this helps reduce shadows and outside light sources compromising the image. Always remember to light from an angle instead of head-on, as this creates a more dynamic image with minimal shadows or even glare.

4. Clean shots

Lastly, when it comes to the basics of product photography, one of the best rules to follow is to keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd the image with background noise, and make the sole focus of the photo the product and its features. Remember, you are showcasing the product and that should be the front and centre message of your image.

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