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Types of Product Photography Backgrounds

When looking at a photograph, we often focus on the subject of the photo more than the background, but sometimes the background is the key to making said subject stand out. When it comes to product photography, backgrounds are often underutilised in favour of the simple white backdrop, but with a little creativity, products can really come to life with a new type of product of photography background.

Change the colour

Although a white backdrop on a roll is honestly a timeless and easy to use a piece of equipment, adding a pop of colour can enhance your image too. Try pastel coloured backgrounds for furniture and appliances, as this softens the product making it honestly feel as though it is part of a home and not just a catalogue piece. Or use bright colours to signify a season or complimentary colours to create drama in an image. These backdrops are easily achieved through coloured cardboard that can be swapped out in between shots, and even a solid black background can add an element of luxury – very useful when wanting to illuminate a diamond, or the shine of a piece of makeup.

Product Photography

Change the Texture and Pattern

Although the general rule is to stay away from busy backgrounds, sometimes a well thought out textured or patterned back is ideal to bring product photography to life. Some people use editing software to add these backgrounds, but when used in real life it creates a deeper image. Wood grain, marbling or even different types of fabric like knit patterns are a clever way to change the types of photography backgrounds normally used.

Product Photography

Play with Light

The term “bokeh” refers to the effect when a light in a photo is so blurred it becomes a diffused orb. Using some string lights and a very shallow depth of field, this can be a very interesting type of product photography background. These backgrounds are very popular with seasonal product photography and product photography that aims to convey romance.

Product Photography

To conclude, product photography backgrounds need not be boring or one dimensional and they can be used very creatively. Anything can be a type of product photography background, provided the photographer keeps the product as the main focus.

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