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Types of Product Photography Setups

Product photography can be done in a variety of ways, ranging from a full day in the studio to a snapshot in nature. It all depends on how the client wants the product to be showcased. Below we will discuss some types of product photography setups and what they are best suited for.

1. Professional Studio

The most complicated product photography setup is the professional studio. This includes a large amount of equipment, intricate cabling and has the limitation of not being very mobile. The professional product photography studio setup will often have interchangeable backdrops, strobe lights such as a flash, and continuous lights such as standing lamps and diffusers and requires a lot of work to set up different shots. This is ideal for large products and detailed shots.

2. Portable Light Box

A very handy tool in the arsenal of any product photographer, the portable light box is a lightweight piece of equipment that allows the photographer to setup shop almost anywhere. The concept is simple, as the box creates a miniature infinity curve and allows the photographer to shoot small products against a white backdrop with minimal interference. Some light boxes come with built-in lights, while lighting can be added to others. It depends on the needs of the photographer. This is ideal for macro product photography shots.

3. Lenses

Using the right lens in your setup is also very important. A macro lens will deliver a great close-up shot when showcasing smaller details on a product, whereas a prime lens is a perfect all-rounder and offers more wide-angle shots. Before investing in fancy lenses such a zoom, wide angle and fish eye, consider what can be done with editing and what requires a good product photography setup.

4. Shooting Table

Something that is absolutely integral to a good product photography setup is a shooting table. Whether it forms part of a professional setup or is used on the go, a shooting table creates a versatile space where a product photographer can set up numerous angles and shots. Whether doing flatlay or shooting from a 45 degree angle, the shooting table is blank canvas that can create a seamless white background, and stable surface with crystal clear photos.

Regardless of the setup, product photographers are incredibly creative and can work with almost any conditions to get a visually appealing photo of a product, but with the right setup and tools, these photos can reach new heights of quality and clarity.

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