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Wedding Videographer Tips and Ideas

A wedding videographer is equally as important as the photographer and is responsible for creating a video time capsule of the most important day in a couple’s life. It entails far more simply recording the bride walking down the aisle – a competent wedding videographer is brimming with tips and ideas to turn weddings into cinematic gems that will last for generations to come. Below are a few of the top wedding videographer tips and ideas.

1. Know The Guest List

Before shooting a wedding video, a videographer should talk to the bride and groom about the guest list. This is vital to creating a memorable video that features special family members. Knowing who the couple values, allows the videographer to get more valuable footage. Encourage the couple to be honest about what, and who, they don’t want in their video. This will also allow the wedding videographer to be on the lookout for special moments between guests and the couple. A person about to say something thoughtful, or who is about to hand over a special gift, does not think to warn the videographer, so always be on the lookout for important guests interacting with the bride or groom.

2. Don’t Forget The Audio

So often, a videographer will rely on the internal microphone of a camera to capture all the audio, and while some models may have astounding audio capturing capabilities, it is important that a wedding videographer does not neglect the audio of the video. Keep a decent microphone on hand, especially when capturing guest messages – as these could easily be drowned out by background murmur if not spoken directly into a good microphone.

3. Know The Schedule

Understanding the order of events from start to finish, allows the wedding videographer to position themselves perfectly for important moments without interrupting the flow of the event. For example, having a few extra minutes to set up a spectacular shot of the wedding cake being cut, goes from awkward angle hovering above the bride and groom, to a perfectly framed moment as the knife cuts into the cake, followed by slowly panning up the couple for their first bite. A small detail, that delivers a visually striking wedding video memory.

4. Be Ready For All Types Of Lighting

Whether it is a sudden spotlight, or moving outdoors or to indoors, or a sunset, or even sudden cloudy conditions, a wedding videographer should be ready for any type of lighting conditions. Know how to work the camera to compensate for any changes, especially at night when interior lights may be used to set a mood – such a romantic set of fading lights for the first dance. Understanding how to shoot in low light, or how to use the golden hour of a sunset is an essential wedding videographer tip.

5. Montage Footage

Capture plenty of messages from the guests in between wedding activities and try to shoot as many sentimental moments as possible such as, a mother with a bright smile, a grandmother wishing the couple well, a father checking his watch. Simple moments that capture the spirit of the event can be used as transition footage from one big moment to the next, and it can make for a beautiful montage at the end of the wedding video. Shoot more than you’ll need, always.

To conclude, as far as tips and ideas for wedding videographers go, it always important to understand the couple you are going to film, get more footage than you need and be sure to you are able to move with ceremony effortlessly. No one wants to know they are being filmed – be discreet, attentive and make it your mission to capture the special moments.

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