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What is a Cinematic Videographer?

A cinematic videographer, or cinematographer, is someone who creates visual content in the context of a larger production. For example, a cinematic videographer could work on a film or a series and helps contribute to the overall end product in conjunction with the director, actors and various crew members. A videographer, in general, is a person who videos or films events and then edits it into a viewable or distributable product.

Cinematic videographers also use more up to date equipment to create more dramatic videos and films that are higher in quality. This could be the difference between someone using a video recorder and a proper DSLR camera. Although, with technology closing the gap day by day, some phones are capable of 4K video quality – a hallmark for a good cinematic videographer.

In terms of interest, a cinematic videographer wants to create visually stunning pieces of work that stand out and inspire. This could be done through sweeping shots, drone footage or even heavily edited cinematography. As opposed to other videographers, the cinematic videographer can deliver a highly visually palatable product instead of an informative product.

However, these days with the quality of technology on the rise, most videographers can deliver a highly cinematic product.

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