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What is a Corporate Videographer?

A corporate videographer is someone that creates video content for corporate consumption. This can include filming training videos, creating seminar recaps or even video newsletters that are sent to clients. A good corporate videographer wears many hats and is the middle man between businesses and their visual communication with potential or current clients. This does not include advertising as the cinematography of that falls under another branch.

Corporate videographers often have a faster turn-around time and don’t need complicated filming setups. Depending on the needs of the client, a good corporate videographer can create a visual product with a few cameras and a good microphone. Some corporate videographers tend to specialise in certain fields, such as creating internal training videos for new employees. Other videographers focus solely on capturing corporate events, much like a photographer would, and can create a comprehensive video summary of a day’s events.

A good corporate videographer will be prepared for the shoot ahead. If it is an event, they will have a schedule in order to not miss any important moments, and for something like a video newsletter, interview or training video, they will often have a shot list, script and brief ready to go. Corporate videographers are also responsible for the editing and final audio mix of the product, which makes them a video production powerhouse.

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