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What Is Video Editing About?

When it comes to being a videographer, it is not enough to just record the events happening. Video editing is an integral part of videography. But what does video editing entail? Simply put, it is taking raw video images, and turning it into a coherent video product. Below we will discuss some of the basic functions of video editing.

Cutting and pasting

Sometimes a video clip is too long or contains unnecessary information. A simple editing technique is to cut the video on the timeline to remove that part. If the part was actually relevant, but only needed at a later stage, the cut clip can later be pasted further on in the timeline. This way the videographer can make the video contain only that information deemed necessary, while still having the luxury of shooting almost everything at an event.


A montage can be thought of a highlight reel of different information. This can be multiple clips spliced together to create a narrative in a short span of time. For example, a wedding video could contain a montage of messages from the guests that were collected during the day by the videographer. And then later put together in a montage section, using the video editing software.

Time control

If a video requires slow motion, or sped up footage, most video editing software allows the user to speed up or slow down the video. It is more natural when a clip was originally filmed to be edited in slow motion, however just slowing down a regular clip can be its own interesting effect. For example, a video of a road trip may include sped up footage of the journey, or an action scene that would look better in slow motion.

Narrative control

One of the most important and versatile uses of video editing is to tell any story you want. A video project can take on many different meanings depending on how the information is ordered. Therefore the nature of a conversation can be changed entirely by how you move around the clips of the people talking. Events can also be dramatized using different editing techniques, such as the Kuloshov effect, where the shot focuses on two characters that are looking at each other, which conveys a significant relationship, or foreshadowing to a later moment.

Interestingly, there are certain effects that can only be achieved by filming, and not by editing, such as contra-zoom, which is a unique effect where the camera moves away from the subject while simultaneously zooming in on them, resulting in an unsettling effect that can convey dread or surprise.

To conclude, aside from a good quality camera, video editing is the most important piece of equipment in a videographer arsenal. It is the final step to delivering a high quality product.

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